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Mexican Cooking Classes
in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta things to do

Mexican Cooking Classes on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays starting at 9:00 AM
(5 hours aprox long class)
Prior Reservation is required

Chef Julio Castillón

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Best things to do in Puerto Vallarta

The best of Mexican sauces, authentic mole, tamales, raicilla tasting and much more.

Includes: Walking tour to the local market in search of ingredients for cooking.

Enjoy all the dishes you prepare.


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restaurant mexican puerto vallarta
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Where are the cooking classes held?

The meeting point and where the cooking classes take place is at Gaby’s Restaurant.

We also have a tour of the Emiliano Zapata market located a few minutes from the restaurant where we buy the fresh products to cook.

When are the cooking classes held?

They take place every Monday and Friday at 9:00 am (prior reservation is required).

What is the cost?

The cost is $65 usd per person, does not include drinks or tips.

What are we going to cook?

Molcajete sauces, guacamole, Vallarta style ceviche, tortilla soup, stuffed chilies, chicken in mole and dessert. One or two dishes could vary since we use fresh ingredients from the region that we find in the market.